miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Damnatur (Finland)

T: Hails Jaldabaoth, Why the name Damnatur? Does it have any meaning that you can explain?

Jaldabaoth: Damnatur means "to be damned". It's an old christian term for books that were comdemned by the church back in the medieval times. I just happened to come across the term at some point almost 10 years ago and decided it would suit the bands message well. Nothing special about it I guess. During the years i've heard of only one band by the same name. Finnish band as a matter of fact.

T: Your band's style is Ambient Black Metal, what bands have inspired you?
And what sort of bands do you usualy listen to?

Jaldabaoth: Burzum, Mortiis, Blut aus Nort... the list in endless. I think all the music and other artforms have had some impact on my work.

T: Damnatur is only a studio band? How long do you spend time rehearsing and recording?

Jaldabaoth: I started this band in 2005. But the idea of the band (and also some songs) is almost 10 years old. I spend more time on this project than before, mainly because now I have the time and energy that it requires. Also I've had great inspiration from the other bands that I am involved with.

T: Jaldabaoth, can you tell me more about your latest full-lenght CD.
“Antithesis I”. Can you tell us more about the songs? What does the album cover try to represent?

Jaldabaoth: The album is just a mix of some ideas which I had played with over the course of many years. I hardly think it will be the most solid work I will ever produce. Some songs were written right at the spot when I was recording and that shows. There is some pretty good stuff there too but overall I would do it again if I could. If you want a better look at the band, then try the demo "Saatanan Evankeliumi". The cover was made by a friend of mine and simply represents the gloomy feel of the songs.

T: Schwarzton Records is the label with which to launch your work, how about the support and promotion from them?

Jaldabaoth: Well I'm happy they have released Damnatur and Verdelt. But to be honnest, I haven't been in touch with them for quite a long time, mainly because i've been too busy with the other bands. We will see what happens. I haven't seen any major promotion on their behalf, but I don't mind. If the material is good, people will find it eventually.

T: How do you split the time between rehearsals and recordings, as well as concerts with your other bands bands: Verdelt and Graveborne?

Jaldabaoth: Graveborne takes most of my time and I'm happy with that. We have a good thing going on and when there are other people involved, it's only natural that you tend to focus on it more. Verdelt is a band with me and another guy so the process of writing and recording in pretty simple. Damnatur is for the late hours. I work on that whenever I have the spare time.

T: Is there the possibility of recruiting more people to your band Damnatur and perhaps concerts and tours to other countries?

Jaldabaoth: Absolutely not. This is purely my project and I intend to keep it that way. The good thing about this is that I don't have to make any compromises. If I succeed, then I can be happy with My work. It's almost like writing a book, I'd hate to share the credits of a desent job with anyone else. I guess it all comes down to my personal need of artistic freedom.

T: What can you tell us about the scene in Finland, what bands do you recommend?

Jaldabaoth: The scene is fairly small and everyone seems to know everyone. In a way that is a good thing cos' we can all support one another and arrange gigs together. Then again, the size of the scene also reflects the lack of opportunities to do any major tours. And you can also forget about making a living out of it, unless you happen to be in a band like Impaled Nazarene who have a solid fanbase all around the
world. There are many new and talented groups here at the moment. I can mention for instance Nox Ultima, Verhext and Sacrilegious Impalement. But there are many others as well.

T: Are you preparing new material? Can you tell us something about this?

Jaldabaoth: Yes I am. I'm working on an album by the name "Cotidie damnatur qui semper timet". It's going to be quite different from the previous things I have done. More down to earth, simple but devastating black metal. I'm using only bass guitars on this one, tuned low. I'm not exactly sure how it will all come together and how it will sound but I am aiming for the darkest and most violent piece I have ever made so far.

T: Bro, Some words for our readers of The Legion Of Tchort Zine? Can you say how to get Damnatur's merchandise?

Jaldabaoth: I might be printing some t-shirts after the new album but then again I might now, we'll see. Stay true to yourself and your values. Only support artists that are honnest and who give you neverending spiritual growth. Lay off the booze and cigarettes. Keep yourself healthy and powerful.

T: Thanks Jaldabaoth, for the interview and I hope soon to hear the new sound of the new disc with just the bass instrument will be brutal and heavy.