jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Ilkim Oulanem (Turkey)

T: How many copies of “The Alarm” you distribution at the moment?

Ilkim Oulanem: “The Alarm” were distributed 1000 copy.

T: If hard in Turkey to play black metal? For a women?

Ilkim Oulanem: I don't think so. If you do black metal and you are stable it's not hard for man or woman.

T: How is the black metal scene in Turkey?

Ilkim Oulanem: Underground scene is active and robust.

T: Tell me more about this Messershmit, Demonic Forest, and Karabudun?

Ilkim Oulanem: Messershmit is my first band. I was bass-vocal and we made a demo “Beyond the wall of Sleep” and made a split album Split “Way of Life” with Satanic Verses (Sheltersiege) from Ankara - Turkey. Demonic Forest is a great band from México. I will play a drum for this band soon. Karabudun is a my one of the old band. But it is not an active band now.

T: Why “Hey Kukla!” I like this song very hard.

Ilkim Oulanem: It's called “Hey Puppet” hey puppet go alone from your tomb. I will make 2. Version of the “Hey Kukla!” in my album.

T: What continue for Ilkim Oulanem? Is posible do your first CD or coming splits?

Ilkim Oulanem: After the E.P. “Iblisbilim” (daemonologie) I will make a album. It wıll be fırst one woman black metal project's album in Turkey.

T: You have a promotional video is very great, also now in my page.

Ilkim Oulanem: Thanks… We prepared a first video clip for “Boşluğun leş Ruhları” from E.P. “Iblisbilim” too. For watch http://www.myspace.com/ilkimoulanemband

T: Your band work in the debut cd, any name?, label?

Ilkim Oulanem: I joined few compilation album with my project İLKİM OULANEM. It's “Legion Of TchorT (TchorT - Perú), Pentagram split (Black 666 Productions - Corea), Return to the Darkness compilation (Kayangan distro-Malezia). My demo 'The Alarm', split album (Legions Of The Black Ices Fires) with Demonic Halocaust (Usa) and E.P. “Iblisbilim” released without label. And E.P. “Iblisbilim” available. You can FREE DOWNLOAD !!! from http://www.ilkimoulanem.com

T: Any words Ilkim?

Ilkim Oulanem: Many thanks for support the Underground and me. Doomsday ıs not so far … see you ın hell… Ilkim Oulanem

T: Thanks to you Ilkim for your big support ever. We Are The Legion!! Cool Song Ilkim Oulanem - Asil Varoluş … tende asil bir varoluş.. sende zehir bir kahroluş..
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