miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Khephra (Italy)

T: Why Khephra name?, what is its meaning?

K: Hi, Legion of Tchort, for us is a honor to answer to your interview!!!
We have chosen this name, because it was different, without words: "Black" - "Death" - "Satan" - a simple name, as his meaning: "The sun to midnight"

T: Do you play a fast and brutal black metal, as you define it?

K: Fast and raw are the correct words to define the music of the Khephra, we play pure Black Metal, without keyboards or female voices,the true Black Metal for us is this!!

T: Does that speak the lyrics of your songs inspire you?

K: The lyric of "Resurrection" they are very dark, they speak of very negative experiences of the ex singer, his dreams, the death, the repugnant life of every day!!! The next cd will be a concept on the witchcraft in Italy, the lyric are almost all in Italian language!

T: What bands influence your music creation?

K: Beautiful question!! Have always been lovers of the Thrash Metal (old) - Death Metal (old!!) - classic Heavy Metal, in the track Resurrection, the first riff recalls a lot the years 80/90!!!, still today listening lp of old date, I like a lot the Black Metal of the years 90, Dark Throne, Satyricon, Marduk (Dark Endless, Those of the.....) Enslaved (old), Mistycum, etc...
I have listened to the new jobs of some bands of these, they are not anymore the bands that I listened!

T: When was released the CD. “Resurrection”?

K: The Cd “Resurrection” has been realized in September / October of 2010, the Schwarzton Records had proposed me to stamp it, and I have accepted.

T: The CD. “Resurrection” has different versions of cover art by Schwarzton Records as Firstborn Chaos Production?

K: After a few times, the Firstborn Chaos Production, has proposed me the reprint of the CD, we have decided to stamp it with a different cover.

T: Firstborn Chaos Production do only the re-edit of your CD. “Resurrection”

K: Exact, he has only reprinted it.

T: How have you been with the label Schwarzton Records support and promotion?

K: This label, has publicized few the cd, on his page of My Space there was not anything, he has sent me a flyer with on the description of the cd, the publicity have done her alone!!!! Ugly publicity!!!

T: Do you made a Split CD. with Al-Azif and Vedar Gal in Serpent God Records All from Costa Rica. How many copies realized?

K: I don't know !!! I don't even possess a copy!! He has sent me the master in CD. with the covers, I hoped that it sent me a tape, nothing of nothing!!! It is not a good thing, I think what the other bands have a copy!!!

T: Plans are already some progress next CD?

K: The next cd is ready, we must enter study to record, the production of the next CD. is imminent!!!

T: With which bands have shared the stage and recommend black metal bands from Italy?

K: 18 November we play with: Kaserreich and Funeral fog, 17 December we play with: Satan's Supremacy and Acheronte 21 January we play with: Fearbringer, Morbid Pest and Fosch.
I like Deathrow, True Endless, Funeral Fog, Kaserreich, and a lot of other bands, here in Italy there are a lot of good bandses!!!

T: Something you want to add to the The Legion Of TchorT? And where you can buy your merchandise?

K: The only words that I can add, are that you are big MAN, be one of the little that sustains really the underground, you are great!!! I'm without pay pal, if someone wants to buy something must send me the money in a letter, ahahahaha!!!! http://www.myspace.com/sangue666

I thank you for the interview, darken greet from Italy, Khephra.

I wanted to thank that RIP OFF Of Christian Paucar Toledo, YOU ARE SHIT, FUCK YOU !!!!! .