miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Nervous Impulse (Canada)

T: Why did you Put as front cover photos About The Irrational Violence Of The Third World? I also See A Photo Of Peru A Robber Crucified By The Village and Burned Alive plus Images From Africa Countries, Many Guns. You Like Guns? Is This Important to Have One These Days? Many Insecurity These Days ?

Nervous Impulse: Violence, Corruption have no boundaries, no skin colours. The whole world is going wrong from rich country to the poorest. The pictures from the peruvian robber being burned by an angry crowd display one very important thing : people don't believe in traditional institution like police/justice . It happened in Peru, but believe me here in north america people don't believe in justice and police anymore and it cost billions of $. Regarding guns, guns represent power in our world ...we do believe in the right to protect ourselves. Yes the whole concept is crazy but it represent the world where we live : injustice /corruption /violence /lie ...

T: It's a Cool Idea To Do A 3'' Mini Cd Promo With 5 Songs + The Weight Is Very Little.

Nervous Impulse: We were thinking that would be a cool way to make a give away for our fans!

T: Your Style Is Like Death Grind Very Fast Metal With Voice Gross Like Old Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, Napalm Death...

Nervous Impulse: My vocals are like death metal and grindcore should be. It was like that when the father of the style create it all and its what we like to hear as fans of the style first ! I do it the old school way because I can ! Not so many people in the industry can go deep and growl properly whitout overlaping in studio or using pitch shifter. That's why a lot of bands sounds all the same. In my case my range of sound is unique and 100 % natural.

T: “Dead Jeremians” Is Devote To The Book Jeremian?

Nervous Impulse: No, not at all . Dead Jeremians relate to a working experience I had as a social worker a decade ago. It was a center for young people with severe behavioral problems. The government did something wrong and decided to close the place, they send 35 young teenagers homeless. Many commited suicide, died from overdose and the rest are still living in the Montreal's streets homeless searching for their drugs 24/7. The place was named ''Maison Jeremi'' hence the Jeremians in the title.

T: Tell Me More About Your Concerts, I Think That Is Very Brutal Sickness Many Mosh, Slam?

Nervous Impulse: We're starting a series of live show December 5th at the Rimouski Death Fest here in Quebec. We expect a massive and spectacular mosh pit like Rimouski always delivers !!! Yan, our drummer, is from that region.

T: Do you Think That All In This Life Is “Enough For Dementia” And Select This Name For Your Cd?

Nervous Impulse: Regarding the album title ''Enough for Dementia'', we are normal people with famillies, jobs and good values. We cannot blind ouserlves and pretend the world is perfect....thats why the concept ''Enough for Dementia'' was born, so many unfair things in this world and so little power or none about it make people snap crazy and it justify the level of sickness of our songs.

T: Eric and Yan both Played In the Band Obscene Crisis And Touched In The Band Empathy Denied ?

Nervous Impulse: I was the frontman/vocal of Obscene Crisis in the early 90's we toured with many awseome band such as Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Dying Fetus, Pugent Stench, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm... The band split up a couple of times and reformed with Yan in year 2000 then split up again. The band is no longer active and a come back is not likely to happen .

Empathy Denied ....well it was a small project a local version of 6 Feet Under done without any pretentious, just basic old school groove style, that was not our musical zone of comfort . Yan had to display is power in a more aggressive kind of music too.

T: You Have A Video In You Tube Of The Song “Dead Jeremians” Is Official?

Nervous Impulse: No, but thanks to the fan that uploaded it there and take the time to do it !!!!!!!

T: Eric any words for our tons of readers about your new Cd “Enough For Dementia”, merchandise and thanks for your support!

Nervous Impulse: We do this for the sheer fun of making heavy/fast music. We don't follow any trend of being over technique or unique... fuck this stupid trend. It makes metal music boring ! We are the heaviest straight forward canadian band since a long time... if you liked the old Cryptopsy, old Napalm Death, Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Nasum , Pigsty...or any brutal death or insane grind of the kind, listen to our tracks on the net and make your own mind ! Be the judge, music speak louder than any words or glossy ad in a magazine or any flashy promotional stuff. Our music can be found for free on the net so... see if I'm running my mouth for nothing !! Debut cd ''Enough for Dementia'' is available for a very low price !!