jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Spellcraft (Spain)

T: In the "Funeral in the Night" other was the singer and the vocalist of Ouija in this momenty you know in this moment the band Spellcraft? Before Ouija (rip) and you recorder "Souldevourer"?

Midgard: When I song with OUIJA, SPELLCRAFT was like a brothers for us and they were one of the most important emergent bands in Spain. When OUIJA die they need a singer and we recorded "Souldevourer" our first LP. Now with the "Stirpe Obscura" we consolidate the project with SPELLCRAFT and we are proud of our L.P.

T: The "Promo 2007" was mixes and mastering? in Sweden Tailor Maid. The sound of the band is like a big band from Notherlands. You think this?

Midgard: Yes, The people comment on it and it’s important for us due to it’s a good sign. We like the work in the Room Studies in Barcelona and mastering with Tailor maid who mastering bands like Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Dark Funeral...they did a good work with "Stirpe Obscura".

T: The 4 song of the "Promo 2007" and 3 more are the new Cd "Stirpe Obscura" all remastered in Spain again? I read your letters and see many darkness, demons, are very inspirations in Satanic letters, you do this?

Midgard: Yes, we understand our music and our letters as a way of expressing our objection with the existing world. Everything comes prejudged by false beliefs in non-existent beings and things.

T: I listen Ouija "Riding Into The Funeral Paths" here the voices and the style are more fast, I think and part when your voice talk. Very different, Know the sound and all are more direct.

Midgard: Yes that’s right, the style are faster, more direct...different. The most important thing for us is that we want to do our own style; with darkness, speed, hate, war...

T: You have many concerts, have in your plans to do a concerts out of Spain or only dedication in promotion and do more merchandise more the cd " Stirpe Obscura" and after work in new cd.

Midgard: We’ve played recientely in Barcelona, Logroño, Lerida, Sevilla and now we are preparing our next concert in Madrid. In the future we have to play in Portugal and france too and we..d like to play in south america. We are beginning to have a lot of fans there and we..d like to play there!

T: Grotesque Productions do a contract with the band for anymore cds? Or you are free band and have other offers?

Midgard: We have a contract for two Cd’s with Grotesque.

T: You think that is possible that comming a Live cd or dvd of Spellcraft , I think that is very insanity concerts, music, blood, screams, and all that want.

Midgard: In the life all that you purpose Its possible. I’m sure that early we can see a Dvd of SPELLCRAFT. we enjoy a lot with our music and with our special perfomances in our concerts.

T: Thanks for your support Midgard and SPELLCRAFT!!