jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Demonic Halocaust (Usa)

T: You have many works, 2 demos, 3 Ep’s, 2 Cd’s and 1 Split, all have different songs? Also Now Out Cd “Shadows Of Possession” 2009.

Damien: Evil hails legions and darkest greetings TchorT, Demonic Halocaust formed in august 2007 founded by me (damien necromencer) eric and criss
we began recording a lot of material together we shared the same influences of blackmetal and death metal so for us to write it came rather easy well our first ep we recorded together was unholy war 6 songs garage recording and with nothing really but a mixing of different styles of black metal its intention was dark but not a very good sounding second demo ice legions was 3 songs and 1 cover our 3rd demo which became our official first ep entitled trappezorium contained six songs and while completing that one we went back in to complete that ep recorded 6 more songs which became our second ep shadows of possession which is our debut ep from shadows we began work on our 3rd and 4th ep which the 3rd ep entities of the shadow kind became our first split

T: Split with Vartras, you think? that your are in the equal line of music of Vartras? Comming soon also a new split with İlkim Oulanem?

Damien: Entities of the shadow kind the split with vartras (germany) I would dh half of split was very aggressive and had a different style to it .I feel it had more of deathmetal sound to it then more of blackmetal but working with vartras was great his half of split was more industrial blackmetal but brutal sounding as well so all and all was an ideal split for us. And soon we will be splitting with Ilkim Oulanem out of turkey Ilkim is one female solo band and she has a great voice and style we decided to use our latest material for the project with her the first half of re animating the damned the split will have nine songs and is entitled legions of the black ice fires its release will be in a few months.

T: Your sound remember me and people that listen your music a Blasphemy what think?

Damien: Demonic Halocaust sound is raw aggressive blackwar metal it has no real identity to it and those that like us thats fine but we are not concerned about what people think of us we are just doing we have sadistic meanings and a very barbaric approach we want to take black metal to a new level with no limits of peoples expectations or what is considered traditional black metal.

T: You have a Split Cd. with Firstborn Chaos Recs are you happy with the work of this label of Russia? (Andy of Moloch)

Damien: Yes we are on Firstborn Chaos Recs it really cool to work with russia soon to have more of our releases out there as well

T: How is a concert of dh? You imagination that do a concert with Vartras + İlkim Oulanem? Shit!

Damien: As far as touring it would be great to do shows with Vartras and Ilkim Oulanem and just as nice to work on album together dh would like to do shows with kassiereich and archrontas well but shows are in the future.

T: How is the black metal scene in Waterbury, Connecticut? Any names of bands?

Damien: Waterbury , ct. really doesn't have a scene their are lot of great underground bands in the usa just not where we are its unfortunate but sad reality to see society rather listen to rap and ska and stupid corporate mtv music then listen to black metal and death metal I think people have become afraid of it which its better they dont for they would not understand the ways of it .

T: What comming to dh? New Cd?

Damien: Demonic Halocaust right now is finishing up our ep re animating the damned and most likely will begin recording more new material soon and then will be going playing live dates are unknown at this point but we will keep you posted thanks for having us.
Damien necromencer vocalist /guitarist of Demonic Halocaust.

T: Thanks to you my brother and buy the Cd. “Shadows Of Possession”