jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Temple Of The Maggot (Mongolia)

T: The Scene Black Metal exists in Mongolia?

Barag: I dont know and I dont give a shit. We’ve never interacted with other bands cause we dont like to interact so much with people. We’re basically nomads and we live in different countries, from Mongolia to central/south Europe. And Gol is a fucking twisted outsider anywhere anyplace. We belong to a concept, not to a country.

T: You changed many times of labels and ultimately with which they were extracting your Cd?

Barag: We’re still in conversations since we’ve been approached by different Labels. The debut album will be released in summer of 2009. Anyway, any people interested in buying the album -as well as t-shirts and stuff like that- could do it through our internet page. Anyway, we fucking hate the business side of it. As far as we know the album will be distributed by different labels due to tradings, etc.

T: You have a friend in Spain that promotion your work with the cd promo” Pile Of Corpses”? You continued with this?

Barag: Yes, he’s part of the cult/sect. We trust on him and he trust on us. The cult is above everything and everyone. You have to think in a martial, military way as a whole in order to win the war.

T: You appear in compilations or magazines for your country?

Barag: We dont give a fuck about that. If anyone is interested they can contact us. I have appeared in other type of magazines due to parallel activities.

T: All your letters are brings over of the human sacrifice, Also pain , corpse, blood, etc. I read much about this in your space. You know the sacrifices of our Culture Moche. You know about Incas?

Barag: Our philosophy is about total extreme misanthropy. Our views are too extreme to be explained here in detail. Human race is a disgusting pathetic force on its way to total decadence, self-extermination and misery. We think humans are filth, pure scum that has to be pruned and exterminated. We dont believe in terms like "progress", "evolution", etc. Regarding sacrificing rituals from ancient cultures we find them culturally fascinating. Was it the lack of proteins in the diet or just a tribute to sadistic Gods? Fascinating.

T: You know many bands from China and Russia?

Barag: We’re not into bands. That’s for journalists. We’d rather prefer to meet some chinese/russian horny whores. Anyway, we’re not against bands and we truly respect underground black/death metal.

T: Your City is very Cold, have more time do other thing like play with the band, promotion your band in your space.

Barag: Sure. We’re involved in military and sientific activities.

T: Gengis Kan was the best Emperor of Mongolia?

Barag: Sure he was. Historically, mongols and chinese they have hated each other for centuries. That`’s much more interesting and fascinating: it’s all about hate, it’s all about pure hate.

T: You have offerts to do splits with other band’s or only think in do your cd first.

Barag: Yes, we have had some offers. Thanks to all the bands for that. However, right now we’re focused on finishing the album. Unfortunately we wont be able to make all the splits due to lack of time.

T: Any last words?

Barag: Prepare for the massacre. Pain is just the tip of the iceberg.

T: Thanks Barag-aghur Gulugjab Prepare!!