miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Sirannon (Turkey)

T: Why Sirannon? which means?

Wesretkau: Sirannon is a determinative river for the gate of Moria in Tolkien’s epic novels. And we chose this name because of it has a spiritual meaning for us. As to have stable and specific ideals…

T: Sirannon launches its first CD "Semper Caliga" how they are doing with the distribution?

Wesretkau: Currently, the distribution has been started in many countries. (Russia, Estonia, Sweden, France, Greece, USA, Mexico, Barbados, Colombia, and soon more countries) Amazon.com and E-Bay also are on sale.

T: What is your most influential musical instrument in the band stands out perhaps more the voice?

Wesretkau: If you meant that our most influential musical instrument, then Our choice will be all. But yes, also vocal is important for us

T: Take long since Demo-EP "Annon Morin" in 2007 to launch your CD "Semper Caliga"

Wesretkau: Yes, it is a long period of time. We have started to record our album in 2008 but we had so many problems until the album completed.

T: How about the support and the promotion of Unmerciful Death is a label you bet for you?

Wesretkau: We’ve been grateful for their supports and the promotions of U.D.P. They really good manage everything about our band’s stuffs as a label.

T: How many copies do of the CD "Semper Caliga"

Wesretkau: One thousand copies of CD “Semper Caliga”

T: Can someone explain the songs Karayuğ and Erke Solton?

Wesretkau: Both of this songs are Turkish.Karayuğ means black funeral ritual in Old Turkish Language.In this song was decribed the revenge oath of a warrior betrayed by his own family. Erke Solton is the one of daughter ‘s name of Erkligkan the king of underworld in Old Turkish mythology.

T: What is the concept of the cover of the CD "Semper Caliga" yque who did want to show in this?

Wesretkau: Cover’s artwork has been designed by the drummer ‘Wesretkau’ Annon Morin (Gate of Darkness) and Semper Caliga (Neverending Darkness) were tried to be reflected on the cover as visual.

T: Turkey is Producing Many black metal bands comprising Both women and it makes much well to metal, I can say About Any Changes once in your scene?

Wesretkau: Yes, We are proud to our female musicians and support them but only elite jobs.

T: Are you already have live presentation, perhaps some tour plans?

Wesretkau: Sirannon was not perform due to health problems of both members (drummer and vocalist) simply negative fact of musical organizations and leaving of the guitar player ‘Haec’, made us far away from the stage. But now, our line-up has been renewed. We think to live shows and tour plans but the organizations must comply the conditions that we want.

T: Something they want to The Legion Of Tchort where we can find the merchandise and contact you?

Wesretkau: Thank you very much for this interview. With best regards and greetings from Turkey. Stay solid !
Our contact adress : sirannon_band@hotmail.com
For merchandise : http://unmercifuldeath.com/

T: Eternal Thanks Wesretkau !! see you in the depths from hell !!