jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Singhasari (Malaysia)

Singhasari - Kebangkitan Nusantara

A brilliant new ep in album length nearly from this folk/black metal band Singhasari hailing from Malaysia. First track that is an intro is very folky one and sounds as a typical asian tune (nice). And then comes a track that is real great "Srivijaya", but this one is just a taste of what to come. As this production is a very unusual one. It goes in the whole ep like a wild mixture between folk/pagan likely music with many variated melodies and black metal with some death inspiration in it. And beside of the first tracks is the third title track "Kebangkitan Nusantara" one of the best with a great variation and mystical vibe in it. The fourth track "Rajawali" is a bit faster and more black, but also this one with a lot of athmosphere that gives this typical sound of this band. Number five is a sort of intro also like the first track and gives something unique of this ep. And the track "Pertempuran Gelap" that comes after is a real masterpiece too just like the title song, so brilliant with a big sound of folk and even some ritualistic touch that really gives you something of an unusual black metal release that is not like many others. Track number seven "Darah Musuhu di Mata Sundangku" is a bit weaker than the others on this damn good release, but absolutely not bad at all. Last track that comes is an outro that is in the same veins and spirit as the two others on this ep and ends this one well too. To add some extra note here is that ep is very well worth to buy and give attention too as it gives you a bit sound of old school black metal also and with a big touch of folk and pagan spirits that makes it whole worth it. A very surprising release.