jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Terra Australis (Australia)

Terra Australis - Slave To The Moon Shadow

After four demos, one split album, one best of/compilation and one full length album that came earlier last year. Is the australian black metal horde Terra Australis back again here with their second full length that also came last year, in december. And this time they really have done it better than ever, this is so fucking brilliant, raw, evil, dirty and at the same time very much old school sounded. Just in the same veins as very much early Bathory and specially a bit of the first album of Marduk and maybe also early Beherit and of course Darkthrone. Sometimes it even feels like you put on the first album of Bathory or his second one "The Return". It has that same feeling and atmosphere and to be honest this must be one of the better rawer black metal albums that have came out in 2010. Some tracks to recommend and that is better than the best is "Blazing Towards The Sky As White As Snow" , "Satan´s Soldiers Elite" and "Black Candles Black Wine". It is real hard to say that any track would be to bad here as the whole album has good class of black metal. But if you prefer high classed symphonic and high quality sounded black metal, this is probably nothing for you. This is so pure raw, dirty and old school sounded black metal with a touch of Satan himself nearly in it:)