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Kolac (Serbia)

T: Hails Milosh!! Why the name Kolac? Do any special meaning?

Milosh: Hail TchorT, how are you these days?
Kolac means the stake in Serbian language. We came up with the name at the very beginning of our existence. We wanted an obscure, Serbian name, but without the Serbian accents, so we came up with Kolac.
Zlorog and I (Grob) started Kolac in 2006, and the current line-up is: Zlorog – Vocals, guitars, Grob – Bass, Hunter – guitars and Anaksimandar – drums.

T: Have a CD. “…no god” self-produced. What we can tell about this material?

Milosh: Yeah, we self-recorded it, self-produced it, and self-released it. It is a completely DIY release. And it was the very first serious Kolac release. We had a demo before, but it was rather unprofessionally released. We did it in a hurry, so we wanted to fix these problems with our second demo “… No God”. It is a pro done CD-R with pro printed color covers, including all the lyrics inside.

T: Does the CD. “…no god” What is the theme of the lyrics? Also 2 covers of the band Horna from Finland and Sabbat from Japan? Why they chose these bands?

Milosh: The main theme in the lyrics on “… No God” as well as on all the other Kolac releases is hatred towards every single kind of organized religion. We are trying to insult and provoke all the religious sheep of this world. We are not concentrating our hatred on christianity, but on all religions of this world, since all of them are the same bullshit, created to control the feeble minded masses.
We chose Horna and Japanese Sabbat, to cover because they are our personal favorites, and we wanted to pay the tribute to these hordes. They surely made a huge influence on us, and they still do. Also later, we had more covers on other releases, like Nunslaughter, Sodom, Marduk, and more covers will surely come. We like doing covers, because it’s very fun for us, and it is our way of paying respect to the hordes that created, and celebrated the genre, and influenced us on our unholy path.

T: Do you also have made a Tape “Bastard Son Is Dead” Can you talk more about that by Moon Records?

Milosh: Yes, it is our debut full-length album, and it was released at the beginning of 2011 on Polish Moon Records. It contains 9 tracks, and a cover of Marduk’s “Bleached Bones” as a bonus. I got in touch with Grubisz of Moon Records via trading, and when we were searching for a label for our album, he contacted me, and we made a deal. He did a great job for us, and we are eternally thankful to him for giving us a chance to present our work through his label. We will continue our cooperation in the future for sure. And also I have to recommend maniaks reading this to check out his other releases, and get in touch with him for a possible trade. You can find everything about Moon Records on his website http://www.moonrecords.glt.pl

We will also have another release on Moon Records this year. It will be our Compilation Tape, celebrating 5 years of our existence, and it will contain all our previous demos on one tape with some live recordings, and some unreleased songs.

T: Do you also do a Split Tape "Bloody Sacrifice To The Cult" with bands like Мржња / Stonecrypt by Silent Sream Records? How about the support and because they've gone with the dissemination of material?

Milosh: Yeah, it is our very first split release. We made it with our friends from Мржња and Stonecrypt. We made a re-recording of the song “Holy Threesome” from the “… No God” demo, and some more songs. It was released on Silent Scream Records, which is a label owned by Hunter from Stonecrypt and Zloslut, who is now also a part of Kolac, and plays a second guitar. We had a lot of support from various circles from that release. It was released on tape in just 100 copies, and it sells very well. It is a very nice release, and we are very happy to have cooperated with our long time friends from Мржња and Stonecrypt.

T: Kolac CD. "Live Zyklon: Opening Night Ov Blood And Blasphemy" Is there anything that we want to discuss?

Milosh: Yeah, it is a recording of our very first live show, played on August 8th 2010, in club Ciklon in Belgrade. We recorded it with a handy cam, and released it by ourselves in two different versions: standard version with black/white cover, and a limited special edition with color cover and a bonus video of the entire show. It is bootleg quality, but still not too bad. We played 4 of our songs that night, and 4 covers (3 covers of Japanese Sabbat, and 1 cover of Sodom). It was a very successful night for us, and we celebrated it with our friends after the show, drinking and partying all night long.

T: Are you preparing new material? Can you tell us something about this?

Milosh: As a matter of fact, right now we are rehearsing songs for our second album. It should be ready some time this year. I cannot tell you more than that at this time, because there is not that much to tell. There will be more Serbian written lyrics on this one, and we have grown musically too, and of course we have new members, so their influence will definitely be heard on the album.

T: Some Kind Of Distro provides support for many bands to make themselves known in Serbia, I also include The Legion Of TchorT Compilation. How did the idea of forming this distributor?

Milosh: The idea of forming a distribution came after the release of “… No God” demo. I traded a lot of copies of that demo around the world and I started getting multiple copies of various releases in those trades. So I had to do something with it. And I started trading them further, and getting even more releases, until I had enough stuff for a decent distro list. So the contacts spread further, and right now I am in contact with many zines, labels, distros, maniaks from all around the world, and that makes me very proud.
First of all, I try to provide the support for the Serbian bands, and my friend bands through my contacts abroad. I try to spread a good word about Serbian scene. I get a lot of support for my work here, so I must be doing something right.
Also I try to promote bands from abroad here in Serbia, so I trade a lot with many great Underground hordes, and make their releases accessible here in Serbia. And among others I am promoting your great Compilations. I very much admire your dedicated work, and I will support you in the future as well. (ED. \m/ Thanks Bro \m/ Thanks for your words and took more strength to continue.)

T: How is the scene in Serbia? What I can recommend bands and playing style?

Milosh: Well, the scene here in Serbia is pretty good, as far as the bands are concerned. But the problem is the lack of interest among the fans. Sales are pretty bad, average show attendance is around 100 people, so the support is lacking. Also there is the problem with the money, because Serbia is a very poor country, and average Serbian metalhead cannot afford buying many releases. The bands I can recommend are The Stone, May Result, Kozeljnik, Wolf’s Hunger, Iskon (Black Metal), Bane, Infest, Awaiting Fear, Sacramental Blood, Jane Dark, Defilement (Death Metal), Nadimac, Kuga, Space Eater, Bombarder (Thrash Metal).

T: Some words for our readers of The Legion Of TchorT Zine? Can you say how to get your band merchandise Kolac?

Milosh: Thanx a lot for the great interview my dear friend!!! You have my full support in your next endeavors. For any further info about Kolac, Some Kind Of Distro, Moon Records or Silent Scream Records you can ask on the following links:

or you can ask me directly through my e-mail address: shebalj@open.telekom.rs
Cheers my friend!!!

T: Cheers My brother!!! keep the Black Metal flame burning!!!