jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Chaos Synopsis (Brazil)

T: How many copies out of your Cd. “Garden Of Forgotten Shadows” you think that are around the world? Also, it have a re-edit in Salute Records with our great friend Tony from Sweden, which is very important to open new doors on Europe.

Jairo: I think it passed 2000 copies, it was well distributed all over the globe. Thanks to Anaites in Brazil, Tony and Salute Records and TchorT all over the globe.

T: Changes in the band, with vocals, why? Now you are in the voices and the sound is very different, what you think and do you have any comments?

Jairo: Daniel was a good singer, but he didn’t have what it needs to be on a serious band, so he was kicked off. I sing in a way more brutal than him and I think it fits better with our sound.

T: The sound change more from technical voice death metal to brutal voice death metal, Am I correct? The rest of music is more technical with the years and rehearsals. You recorded again the song “Spiritual Cancer” to note the difference?

Jairo: as the years passes our influences changes a little and our composition too, we got better in our instruments and in composition. Spiritual Cancer was the more commented song of our demo, so it deserved a better record, together with Only Evil can Prevail, my favourite. People like it and us of the band too, the final result was great.

T: You have Support with Anaites (Great Friend) in the Cd. “Garden Of Forgotten Shadows”, he is a very important support of the Brasilian scene. Also have support of Freemind Records.

Jairo: Anaites helped us a lot getting a good name in Brazil, it’s a small label that works hard for his bands, but he works more with demos and cd-r, now with the cd we had a good offer from FreeMind, that is a good label in Brazil and do a good support to us too. We are very thankfull to Anaites, if it weren’t for them, we weren’t who we are today.

T: In the past you had a blogspot of cool bands, now is offline? Also have a great Support to “The Legion Of TchorT” Compilation with big press of 1,000 copies “The Valley of Chaos Distribution” (Eternal Thanks)

Jairo: the blog is fucking great to bands wanting to show their material, but this year I got to much work and little time to take care about the blog and to run into bands to ask for their material, whenever I get the time I still upload and whenever a band ask me I’ll do it in the blog.
For the Compilation, it was great, for me that knew lots of people in the distribution and for the bands itself, that got known in Brazil, unfortunately, time fucks all and I couldn’t continue the work with the other Compilations. But still, WE ARE LEGION.

T: You Played with the Band Dismember, Mayhem, Vulcano, etc and what remember of this concerts? Now you have tons of concerts for spread the new Cd “Kvlt ov Dementia” in Brasil and prepare a concert in Paraguay, how is the scene here, and what bands you know?

Jairo: All the great bands we played together teached us a lot ‘bout profissionalism, how to behave in stage and a lot of other things and was all great ‘cause many people could know our songs in these gigs.
The “Tour ov Dementia” was fucking great, we did tons of shows in much cities in Brazil and did our first international show in Paraguay. What can I say? People in Paraguay are crazy, they don’t have so many bands from out there playing, so they received us well.

T: Why you put out Free Download Single “Postwar Madness” few weeks before Out your Cd “Kvlt ov Dementia”and not do a promotion months before, very Fast.

Jairo: The cover of the single was not ready ‘till one month before the cd was out, so it fucked a little, but the single was well downloaded and did it’s part of the divulgation.

T: Also do a Ep. “2100 A.D.” with one song, only for download or press?

Jairo: The EP “2100 A.D.” was a song recorded to show the “new” formation of power trio, in 2008.

T: You think that continue a Dvd with Chaos Synopsis?

Jairo: We think of recording a DVD, but don’t have any plans for now, but we’re going to record a clip ‘till the middle of the year.

T: In Single “Postwar Madness” you do a cover Zombie Ritual of Death, you like so much this band or is only a tribute of one god of technical death metal band?

Jairo: We fucking love Death, it’s one of the greatest Death Metal bands of all time, and this song is special for me, it was the first death metal song I’ve heard and learnt to play.

T: Tell Jairo Our readers about your cool merchandise and offers! And great thanks for all brother, We are the Legion!!

Jairo: For anyone who likes we have cds and some T-shirts for selling, take a look at our MySpace, there are the links there. www.myspace.com/chaossynopsisbr

Thank you all who reads this and specially you TchorT, we ARE fucking Legion.