jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Rite of Passage (Usa)

T: Rite of Passage is very compact death hardcore thrash metal band that have many time in the metal scene, all songs are very short but I think that is forceful music? What think?

Rite of Passage: We are a combination of many styles of music, I come from the Hardcore-Thrash scene,Tory(drums) comes from the Boston metal scene, And John(bass] comes from the Boston Punk scene, Togather I think we make a very interesting combination,not found in todays metal music.

T: Your style is very Sticky That to the instant you begin to do mosh, that anyone that listen song by song want more?

Rite of Passage: I write most of the music and lyrics,most of our songs are around two minutes or so like most of yesterdays thrash tunes,When we play live though we do three songs in a row before we even take a breather,So you can mosh out longer without stoping.

T: John Malignant guitarist of Cancerous Growth continue with your band and left the band, Why?

Rite of Passage: John left the band after we recorded the Blood Coven CD, He had some personal reasons to leave the band,He bought a house and was having a hard time managing his time,also he lived the farthest away from where we rehersed,So he thought it best to leave the band.

T: Rite of Passage - Sins of the Flesh have a cover more gore, and in the music you have more inspiratation of the old Cannibal Corpse.?

Rite of Passage: well Cannibal corpse is one of my fave bands,I listen to alot of different styles of music,Punk,Hardcore,death metal,Black metal,Grindcore,ect But I like the oldschool death metal best.

T: Why the cover of Rite of Passage - Blood Coven is a rite satanic in abstract?

Rite of Passage: The song Bloodcoven is a tribute to Satan himself, ROP is kinda like a witches coven.

T: When I do My Compilation The Legion Of TchorT # 8 in the first time I think that oput 2 songs of you, but I understand that I not do this fore give more opportunity to others bands.

Rite of Passage: I hope you use More of our songs,You have Great Compilations,We want more people to hear our songs.

T: Bob in the Cd. Rite of Passage - Blood Coven you do a cover of the song Malfunction of Cro-Mags - Before the Quarrel and Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel you like much Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal or is a Tribute of this old school band.

Rite of Passage: Yes, we did Malfunction as a Tribute to the old school Hardcore-Thrash Bands, This is Where I came from,This is my Roots.

T: When Rite of Passage played in concerts I think that is very crazy for the bangers much mosh, slam.. with bands you like to played?

Rite of Passage: When we play Live our set is about 35 minutes or so, Its non stop Mayhem, From the first song to the last, People like our old school Attitude and sound.

T: Please Bob tell more about your merchandise to all readers for support the band with buy original stuff.

Rite of Passage: Well you can get Both CDs 8$ p.p.d. from me and we have T shirts of both our album covers 10$p.p.d write to R.Domenici p.o.box 591 Chelmsford Mass.01824.

T: Any words for all our tons of readers around the world Bob?

Rite of Passage: Please Support The Legion of Tchort for his Great work, And Thankx for the Interview. “BOB’’

T: Thanks Also Brother Bob and take care in one of your extreme concerts!!