jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Vintage Flesh (Usa)

T: Your band have many influencies but you think which is the sound of Vintage Flesh?

Reverend John Hex: I dont know where our main influence comes from.
for us it is more of a mission to scare the shit out of people through our music. also to create despair, so we our not sure what bands we sound like, we are certainly not trying to sound like anyone, it’s for the listener to decide.

T: The Logo and the Art are more gore, terror, morbid but the sound of the music is more raw black ? Your singer is rare, what think? suffering?

Reverend John Hex: Well I am the singer an artist for the band, so who better to explain? I would like the images to match the musical out put but some may not think so, we are still discovering our sound and style, the singing style is meant to portray the anguish and pain I feel and the horror I want to express.
I have a background as a performance artist in theator so at times my style of singing may sound overly played up, it isnt. I just feel very strongly about things, but it is genuin feelings surfacing from the pit of my being.

T: How many copies you sent of your promo Cd-r "Portals Of Confusion"? before out the Cd "Succulent Morsels" around the world?

Reverend John Hex: We sent music to a couple compilations, but we didnt send the same song out to every one, we sent "portals of confusion" to you only, it’s our most accesible tune, it’s also the shortest, it seemed to suit the type of bands you bring together.
It was the best recording we had of any of our songs. We are not promoting much of the "S.M." demo. we will how ever heavily promote the new release "For the spirit that walks in Shadow" which is due to be available in the next couple weeks, same songs, just a newer and more ideal recording and some extra instrumentals, big improvement without losing what makes it Necro.

T: When Play in live Raypissed not have any problem with play drums and sing, is very hard to do two this, and this put special sound in the recorder of your music?

Reverend John Hex: I no longer play drums and sing in the band. I wasnt very good at it, we leave that to Absu. we hired a full time drummer by the name of Drae. He is the drummer on "S.M." and the next release to come, he has what we are looking for, old school heavy doomy pummeling meets todays speed metal.

T: The art work of the cover of "Succulent Morsels" what is for you, very sickness.

Reverend John Hex: Thanks. The art work is meant to potray a demon in a cemetary that is plucking dead babbies out of the grave to eat. The demon is the metal listener who is hungery for the flesh of wretched music. ours! so the dead babbies represent our music. we are as a band like the babbies are, new to the world. But they are dead and putrid like our sound. They are little morsels of what is to come, the big meal will be our later material!

T: Tell me more about “maggotsdelight” Do you support your bands doing covers of their CDs?

Reverend John Hex: Maggots delight is my personal online art portfolio and BIO. The site has been up online for about eight years. It has nothing to do with the band projects but I will add a link to VinatgeFlesh eventually, possibly when the band has its own website. I like websites as an artist because I can dress them up any way I like. you can get very creative with them. There not for every band.

T: The band ever are Hex & Raypissed and have support in live shows, but in the future you think that comming new members?

Reverend John Hex: Currently the band is made up of Raypissed on vocals and lyrics. Rev.John Hex on lead and rythms. Drae G.Y. on skins. We are now looking for someone to fill rythm guitar or bass so we can pursue live shows.
Our live shows will be an occult horror spectacle that will leave all viewers feeling unsafe and slightly sickened or worse. That is our direct influence from Alice Cooper. The metal lord of Gore! corpse paint and spikes will always be apart of our appearance also. no rules , no religions, just chaotic horror!
Thanks for the interest TchorT. Check ya later!
Reverend John Hex

T: Thank to you for all!! And I wait for one day you tattoo my arm, yeah!! Total sickness.