miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Prayer Of The Dying (Malta)

T: Hello Martin!! Find much difference in sound between their CD's “From the Mouth of the Passing” and “In Silence and Grief we Decay” any comments about this?

Martin: First of all hails to all readers of The Legion Of Tchort.Yes there is a difference..From the Mouth of the Passing was a very dark straight forward album which I really like, while In Silence and Grief we Decay is a more structured,doomy and moody album.I really like that every album has a character of its own.But even though different from each other there is always something which binds them.

T: About your new CD “In Silence and Grief we Decay” we can describe more about the songs: King of Terrors and Wastelands are really very good in letters and sound. What do you think about it?

Martin: King of Terrors,Wastelands and I would add, The Strength of the Sufferer are the ones which had most positive feedback.Watelands is my favourite out of these three.Though I wasn't sure if it would really fit with the rest of the album,somehow it did find its place.

T: Which is the concept of the letters of Prayer Of The Dying?

Martin: Prayer of the Dying's lyrical concept is not so complicated.They are about man's everyday life,what he has to go through to provide good entertainment to God,who has no idea what to do during eternity.That's why he invented men.

T: The CD “In Silence and Grief we Decay” is more structured than your previous work this is the sound that you used for your next production or plan to continue experimenting with new sound in the dark doom metal black?

Martin: Well, I must say that I am recording the new album.And it sounds very different from all the other Prayer of The dying releases.But there is still the old dark doom black metal of always but in a different way.I must say that I am really satisfied with the way things are going right now.

T: Prayer Of The Dying been many splits:
Sarratum / Prayer of the Dying “Slave Gods”
Firth of Damnation / Prayer of the Dying “Behold the Candent Heavens”
Prayer of the Dying / Strigoi VII “HornsForward / Dormant Anger Wakes”
Prayer of the Dying / Thy Legion “Prayer of the Dying / Thy Legion - Into the World's Oppression”
Prayer of the Dying / Demorian “Shivering Shadows”
You can comment on each of these?

Martin: Yeah, many splits and I want more heheh...Every spilt has a story of its own...and everyone is special...I am satisfied with each and everyone of them; from the first one with Sarratum to the last one with Demorian....But my favourite is the one with Thy legion-"Into the World's Oppression”.Besides they are great friends and neighbours,it's the first Maltese Split ever and of course they are a hell of a band...I would like to thank all the bands I worked with,on these splits, for the opportunity to be out there with such great musicians.

T: Such work Nekrogoat Heresy Productions?

Martin: Nekrogoat Productions Heresy was always there for me.A great friend of mine is behind it.He really gave me all the support I neededfrom the first Demo to the last album.I would really like to thank him for all the years we worked together.

T: I never heard your CD. “Structures of a Dying Matter” you as you see from the time evolution of the band, making an X-ray of your band?

Martin: Structures of a Dying Matter is the first album.A very straight forward and very raw album.Honestly I was surprised with the great feedback I received.I like the evolution till now.

T: How many copies of your CD. “In Silence and Grief we Decay” As has been the distribution as well as comments?

Martin: In Silence and Grief we Decay was released as a 500 copies edition.Nekrogoat Heresy Productions and I take care of the distribution..

T: You are part of the band Sarratum in this play drums tell me more about this please? and you played in Lustre? some other?

Martin: Yes,I am Sarratum's,Lustre's and Black Vulture's drummer.I worked with Lustre in 2008 on an album called VATICANNIBALISTIC. It was released on tape only.But I also have two finished albums with Sarratum and Black Vulture which hopefully will see the light next year.

T: What are your favorite band or type of music you listen to usually?

Martin: Well, normally I listen to the early 90s underground, but I also like the sound of the 70s, especially Queen.My favourites are King Diamond,Queen and Dio.

T: How is the scene in Malta can you give us a vision that other bands in between we can recommend?

Martin: Though Malta is a small island,here are lots of great bands...I remember the early nineties,when the scene was very healthy...but these days I don't know, I see everything dying...If I can recommend 3 Maltese bands,they would be:Victims of Creation,Thy Legion and Griffin Device.

T: Any final words for our readers of The Legion Of Tchort, where we can get the merchandise and prices.

Martin: Thanks for the opportunity and support.Keep supporting the underground.For any merchandise you can contact me on: http://www.myspace.com/prayerofthedying
or on Facebook or on http://www.nghproductions.net/

T: Thanks Martin for your great support ever!! Long Live to Prayer of The Dying!!