jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Erevos (Greece)

T: In your Split Cd, Death Toll Productions, why not sound like how your Dvd Burning Souls - Mythological Evil? (About The Sound)

Growler: Ahh?Well the tracks are the same! Most of them are from our second demo "mythological evil" . I don't know really! You didn't mistake us with Satanicon (Usa) in split release,right? Haha!

T: Dvd Burning Souls-Mythological Evil are your two demos but with differents line up, the out of Decomposer change in anything your new cd recorder?

Growler: Well decomposer didn't participate in any of our two demos. With him we recorded a new promo under the name of "Hadou Katavasi" and the master has done by Dan Swano! Decomposer left from us now and we have replace him with George Julius (Mors In Tabula and ex-Regent). With him we will record our debut album "Descensus Ad Inferos".

T: Your new cd.“Descensus ad Inferos” have all song of your demos and new songs, bonus or new songs? any name?

Growler: New songs! We have two from our second demo, one of them is GROTESQUE BLASPHEMY of course!!! Names...yes of course: Hadou Katavasi, Kires,Those Who Deicide About Fate.

T: The Song “Grotesque Blasphemy” are the flag of the music of the band? I like it so much?

Growler: Well...YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!Until now yes it is. I don't know why people like it so much. We always play it in our shows and always the whole place becomes hell!!! I am glad that you like it!!!!THANX!

T: If Possible that after your cd debut “Descensus ad Inferos” comming a Dvd Live of Erevos, but I see and listen a cool performanse and you are a correct frontman?

Growler: I hope so! We have some videos but nothing professional until now. I am trying to do my best as a vocalist and as a bassist, and of course all of us we are trying to do our best. !Thank you!

T: Tisiphone in the keybords are in the new cd, yes? If possible that she put the atmosfera of darkness with your keyboards?

Growler: Tisiphone and I are the creators of Erevos. She is the same person at the first demo, but with different name. She is responsible for our majestic atmosphere. And of course she wrights songs too.
Thank you my friend!!!

T: Thanks to you my Brother Growler!!