miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Deviator (Ukraine)

Way Of Warriors - Hymn To Immortals
Glorious North Productions 2011

From the cold Ukraine comes this one man, Lord Hastner project with a great compilation, a collection of tracks spanning Deviator’s career, old, rare and featuring a track exclusive to this release.
Guest musicians on this release include Pr.Sergiy of Moloch & Alexander of Winter Depression, about the music, drum beats range from slow to mid peace and those combined with the synths creates a really dark and cold and deppresive ambient and with the low bass tones seems like a funeral.
The guitar is pretty primitive and there aren't any solos along the CD except for the last track, some accoustic guitars can be find in the album just to enhance the darkness of the music.
The voice are really grim and have a depressive sounding edge at times with a brief use of spoken word parts.
The production is raw and primitive but I think is the correct for this production, something more clear will not fit in this kind of material.
In total 14 tracks which for sure will fill that gap in your collection because earlier productions are almost impossible to find, so this is a great option.
All in all is a great CD worth to buy!!

Moloch / Deviator / Begotten
On the stub of fate new life will not grow
Deleting Souls Records
CD Split 2011

A three way split of this great bands/projects, all of them from Ukraine in a 500 limited edition CD as well as in tape format; what we find is a great mix of black/death, pagan and deppresive metal, in total 10 tracks.
The split is opened by Moloch with 4 tracks of cold and deppresive music, you can feel the cold wind and snow in your face, full of sounds, synths, low tones... slow and mid sounds makes Moloch part something amazing.
The second band is Deviator, Black Death with 3 tracks, a one man project with synths and mid, low tones and grim voices, not as cold as Moloch but great project.
Begotten, they take their name of that obscure movie, no so atmospheric buty more paganism here, black metal with a lot of paganism, the band music is a real black ritual, distorted guitars, grim vocals, primitive drums.
A good split, worth to listen and buy it, it shows how cold music must be done.