miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Ouija (Spain)

T. The Release of OUIJA´s EP “Adversary” finally is done! How did you feel now? Are you relieved?

Midgard: Really I'm very satisfied with the final result of this work, OUIJA was my former band, and I had a debt with myself, now this debt at the end is resolved.

T. How was the first response? By your personal environment, zine´s and fans?

Midgard: The response of the public in general has been positive, we are also satisfied with it after a decade of silence; a lot of people still believe in our music, this the most important for us.

T. Dan Swano mastered the EP. How did the collaboration with him come about?

Midgard: Javi Bastard our engineer of sound knew Dan so he got in touch with him, he accepted to work with us. They are two great professionals so the quality is guaranteed, the prestige of Dan is unquestionable

T. About the Lyrics: Do you write the lyrics all alone? And from where did you get the inspiration?

Midgard: Yes, I write the lyrics and with them I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts…

T. Do you write a song “spontaneously” or do you take a note of several words or phrases (or ideas) and “connect” all notes to a completely song later?

Midgard: It depends sometimes I take words or one phrase and write about this...but other times I let my mind work; but with my lyrics I want to transmit darkness, hate, war against Christianity and everything established, but I don't try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts..

T. On the new EP “Adversary” there is a song called “Yrasrevda” which is my favourite one. In my opinion a perfect Outro for the EP! Do you want to tell us the meaning of the word “Yrasrevda”?

Midgard: Read this title from back to front and you'll find the meaning, ‘Yrasrevda’ is a instrumental song perhaps in the future is very possible we'll come back to use this formula, we have always liked this type of songs to create a special atmosphere.

T. You are the vocalist on OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT. Do you also play a instrument?

Midgard: At the moment, I’m just the vocalist of both bands; I already have enough work with that hahaha...

T. You´ve got a very “dark touch” in your voice and it sounds really great! Did you have/had singing lessons? Do you make any special exercises for your voice?

Midgard: Firstly my great secret to keep my voice healthy is to drink a lot Spanish red wine, just kidding; friend... there are no secrets only hard work . I like to mix several voices in our songs a lot, the final result is more atmospheric and dark.

T. Do you listen to other music in your free time very often? Do you collect cd´s/dvd´s? Which bands are your favourite ones?

Midgard: I only listen to metal music; from old heavy, thrash, death to current black metal…we were influenced by bands like Dissection, Morbid Angel, Sacramentum, Slayer, Kreator, King Diamond and so on, it would be a neverending list…their sound and attitude always will be in my heart,but nowadays there are also great bands...generally speaking Metal music is still in a continuous evolution that makes this style great and different from all the rest. And of course like all true metal maniac, I have collected CDs, DVDs, fanzines since my childhood.

T. Do you and your band-mates have any special rituals before a gig?

Midgard: There is no ritual, the adrenaline possesses my mind and body; you know something strong than this?

T. What did the fans await of a OUIJA- or SPELLCRAFT Gig? Do you have a special show? Maybe Pyros, fire or something?

Midgard: First of all, you'll find only true metal of death in our gigs, we enjoy our new material a lot and we also want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark and at the same time aggressive atmosphere ; we will fuse our old songs with the new stuff so that our fans also enjoy our classic hymns. All of us together, will open the gate of hell hehehe...

T. What are your plans for 2011? Where the fans can see your bands live?

Midgard: Currently we are working on new material for the next album, I hope that at the end of this year; we could record the new stuff. OUIJA is going to play a few times just in carefully chosen festivals. We are an underground band and this is the reality now, apart from that the future will speak, all successes will always be welcome; we aren't cynic about this…

T. Well, that’s the end of our interview! Thank you once again! I hope you like it and any last words to all the readers?

Midgard: Thanks to you Dany for your great support always…Hails from the heart of Pyrenees. Good luck and enjoy the new year! Horns up!

T. Thanks To Lady Dany For The Great Support in this interview, Infernal Hail Also To My Brother Midgard.