jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Tiberius Project (Brazil)

T: In What Help to Tiberius Project the Label Anaites (Hioderman) from Brazil? Only in cost the recorder, cover, promo or other thing?

Dibih: Well … Hioderman is my friend, he helped us with the Cd cover and T-project marketing. Tiberius Project is independent, has no labels. Dennis has a private studio, we worked with the album “Dream Over” there.

T: When I listen the song "total madness" I remember the old thrash school bands? for what you not do this sound ever? Your sound is thrash melodic, heavy, speed with part fast and slow.

Yeah! Total Madness is T-project most played song on Radio Shows. The Tiberius Project first album was experimental, we are preparing the second one. We will do what the persons are asking us. It´s just wait and see.

T: The cover of your cd "Tiberius Project" is our reality war , destruction, pain, war? Or about the fabellas in Brazil?

Dibih: We tried touch the feelings of persons with the album´s cover. The human beings are destroying the Planet Earth. Hioderman created the first T-project album´s cover, he is a great artist.

T: How do, Dibih and Dennis? when play in concert you have friends that support, your concerts are very hard?

Dibih: We are working for playing in concerts on future, but now T-project does not have structure for this. First we need spread T-project name around the world. We wanna do the best for the Metal and our fans. We want our place on history, history of Metal. It´s necessary work hard to reach this dream.

T: For why singer sad? is your style? When you singer in portugues is cool, more power, which are your next cd? new members?

Dibih: How I said, the first album was experimental … But now we know what the persons want. The headbangers say, then we do. We are working with the next album. I promisse that we will work hard to make a best album, havier than the first one. Members? Only when T-project goes for concerts, we have some ideas, but we prefer keep this mistery with us. We will tell everything on the right moment. For while I don´t want loose some good friends (lol).

T: The Song “You Bitch!” are dedicated for all “old school” people that like good sound.

Dibih: A friend of mine wrote the lyrics of “You Bitch!”, it´s strong like a punch. The next album will have more of “Total Madness” and “You Bitch!”, it´s a promisse.
I´d like to say thanks for this opportunity TchorT! It´s an honour for T-project gives this interview for The Legion of TchorT.

T: The honour is for me bro!! Thanks.