miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Hak-Ed Damm (Canada)

T: Why the name of Hak-Ed Damm and what is the meaning for the band?

Zokvist: We were searching for an original bandname and we were not interested to discover that another band had the same bandname than us. We put together all the subject and thematics that the band would treat of. And then we've choose to mix blood and war field as: "field of blood". But we translated it to a very old used language as the old hebrew. And then HAK-ED DAMM.

T: His style is a brutal black metal or whatever you define?

Zokvist: We are playing fast and brutal metal. Our influences are black metal, and the sound is raw. We don't like slow composition.

T: Do you do a Demo Tape “Black Tortured Metal” of 100 copies with cover in photocopy black and white in 2008 and also a CD Demo “Black Tortured Metal” by Smell the Stench in 2011 both with the same songs.

Zokvist: Yes, exactly the same, they just re-issued the Demo-CD on homemade tape version.

T: Do you also have released their CD. “Nekrowristfucked” Then to throw for Atramentum Productions your Tape "Nekrotapefucked" 100 copies both are the same songs? How have you been with the distribution?

Zokvist: Yes, also the same tracks as the "Nekrowristfucked" album. It is just the tape version that they've put on dubbed. Most of the copies are sold or trade. We don't really know how they are distributing this tape version.

T: Now been made Split “Dutch and Canadian Annihilation“ with other bands like Toorn from Netherlands, Weltschmerz from Netherlands, BlackScorn from Canada and your band. How will the promotion and in what format they have made?

Zokvist: This is a really limited tape version, each band will get some copies, and each bands will sell it like they desire.

T: Tell me more about this song “Cut the Flesh before It ages” and “Headcrusher”?

Zokvist: These songs have been the turning point out of the demo-cd, these songs got some good reactions from the reviewers, and we really like these songs so we just re-recorded it and put it on the album.

T: His new work is Split CD-R Blooddawn and Hak-Ed Damm by Panzerfaust Productions Label?

Zokvist: Yes, this has been offered to us, As Blooddawn is a very good sound for us, we just allied it to 'em. We went forward to it. Some stuff is new , some stuff is old. Some "live" stuff to we be on it.

T: How is the scene Black Metal from Canada and what bands recommend?

Zokvist: The black metal scene is very alive you know, there are some good bands here in Canada, some brutal, some depressive. We particulary like the brutal ones, we just support those we like to listen to: Panzerfaust, Eclipse-Eternal, Blackscorn, Monarque, Heretic Strangers, Dark Century... and many more.

T: Do you plan any new production, some progress, or are only now creating songs?

Zokvist: We got some new songs written for the moment, those shall be release on some split and stuff like that, but the progress for the next CD is on to. That should be released at the end of 2012 stay tuned !

T: How is Hak-Ed Damm and concert bands that have shared the stage?

Zokvist: Here, each band do what they got to do, some are really friendly with us. Normally bands are kind of cold between each others, except the band that are playing in the same concerts on each times. We just select the ones we like to speak to, and fuck the others.

T: Anything else you want to add to The Legion Of TchorT and Where can we get your merchandise?

Zokvist: Keep on supporting the Canadian Black Metal Scene!!, we need your help to keep it alive long time. Hope you will like the next songs and albums, keep you inform about our projects and split with some other good band from around the world, especially europe. Thank you for your support!
You can get some merch at: http://www.hakeddamm.com we accept PAYPAL. Some stuff are also on Ebay some time, especially special packages for fans. CHEERS!

T: Thanks Zokvist Keep alive the Black Metal scene from Canada with your great band Hak-Ed Damm!!