jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Vinterslav (South Africa)

Vinterslav - Revivifying The Whore

This is a debut ep from this raw black metal band hailing from South Africa and is a pleasant surprise. We can also mention that the band consists the member Vinter from the well known Frozenpath. The ep includes six tracks of ultra raw hammering black metal from start til´the end. It has also a very own and unique sound that is hard to describe and most of the tracks are real brilliant and a total knockout for true lovers of the black art. Some tracks that is a bit of that extra is "Revivifying the Whore", "Impure Disruption" and my own favorite track "Descend Into the Depths of Winter" that is a total masterpiece and comes last. I can absolutely recommend this band for all fans of pure raw black metal without compromises. But if you are into more melodical stuff this is nothing for you. I also guess that a full album from this band will not leave anyone disappointed. This is a really good production that is worth to check up.