jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Deviator (Ukraine)

Deviator - Mighty Black Inner Flame

Here is now the result of the Ukrainian band Deviators long road since 2005, from a couple of demos, splits and some eps. The first full length album from this band is a real pleasant surprise! The first track that is more as a sort of introduction, but also a very experimental one "Forgotten Hope" is just a taste of what to come here. When track number two "The Last Day Of Mankind"starts you get so shocked of this brilliant/raw way of combine both old school black/death metal in a way of some pagan and folk inspiration too! After that comes the title track "Mighty Black Inner Flame" that is real good, I really mean damn good one! This album comes also with a live track and one istrumental one also that is pure old thrashy and pure ambient and experimental in some way! Seven tracks of pure black/thrashy pagan metal that really prove now that Deviator is a band to count on for a long time! Personal favorite tracks is track number 2, 3 , 4 and last track number 7. But no track is in fact bad here! Make your own opinion on this band and buy this album instead of download it!! Support the true underground!
I can also say that if you are a fan of old Beherit, Marduk, Massacra, early Samael and early Bathory this is a album that you wont miss!! So much strength, energy and ancient old power that is finally released on this absolute top album of the year!! The best of this band ever.....salute to deviator!