jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Temple Of The Maggot (Mongolia)

Temple Of The Maggot - How To Perform A Human Sacrifice (The blood rites)

So here it is finally, the debut album from one of todays top bands in the real underground black metal scene in the heart of Mongolia. Temple of the maggot has also something extra in both sound and lyrics that not all others have in this genre. In fact the band is so satanic and evil, that if I should try to compare this band with others that tries the same, this band wins. The first track "Necklace Of Teeth" is a real great startup for this band first album. And it is raw, dirty and pure evil for more than 100%. But the next one goes in the same veins and is exactly how a real black metal should sound like. And to make it shorter here, this album has the same raw, intense dark and pure satanic classic sound from beginning to the end. And to mention some tracks that has that little extra on this brilliant cd. It must be "Feast Of Flesh" that is so fucking great. And then "Impaling The Believer", "Bloodbath" and "Boiled Bodies Everywhere" that also is classic songs of real brutality. Even the second track on the cd "Leftovers For The God" and the last one "Human Scum, Satans Fodder" has that extra thing in it. Last to note here is that if you are a fan of real dirty, raw satanic and nearly ritualistic black metal this album is the one you must get! I can promise, that you cant and will not regret this album! It is a real black metal classic already! One of the best new albums this year!