jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Mara (Sweden)

Mara - Mörkertid (Dark Powers)

From sweden comes a really great surprise from this new black metal band that has some touch and influences from some pagan/folk metal too. This is a selfreleased debut demo from this one man project/band that is even great all from the intro "Forest" to the end. And to hearing the intro give me personally a flashback of early Nokturnal Mortum some how. The first real track on the demo is called "Mörkertid" or Dark Powers translated from swedish and is a real stone mangler and has a truly old school sound. And also here you can find some of the roots from good old Bathory, but also I think personal a bit sound of old http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifHellhammer even if it is maybe not on purpose. But tells a bit of this great demo. Last track and also absolutely the best one is "Hulders Spell" that has that special and unique combined rawness with some more mysterious and heathen parts that really gives this demo that extra push. If you have the chans to get this one, I really then recommend you to buy it. Extra notice is that this one is strictly very limited, but I have much hope in this band as it got something special and is not another typical band that just seeks and try to be the worst and most evil one. Truly heathen and with the spirit of ancient times. Hail black metal!