miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2018

Northern Tod (Italy)

T: How did the idea to form Northern Tod?

DHI: The idea to form Northern Tod  is born because I needed to spread my message against christianity, here in my land,  and comunicate emotions and ideologies, lost for a long time, to young people that allow themselves to be inculcated, without documentation, with false dogmas.

T: How long are formed? What has been your line-up and have changed over time?

DHI: The band exists since 2002, and overtime  I have changed many members of the formation because, beyond sharing little the ideals of  Northern Tod, they were inconstant and discontinuous in coming for rehearsals.

T: His style is very Black Metal Norwegian bands of the 90`s?

DHI: Yes, the style of the band is very similar to the classical norwegian of the 90’s.  I like playing in that way very much, even though I also love to do other experiences, in fact, this summer I have started to work together with another two groups, one Death/Black experimental which name is (LA GRAND DANSE MACABRE) with whom I am recording a CD,  very violent, and the (NECROPOLI-Doom metal).  The guitarist  Dario Fabiani will enter to be part of the band Northern Tod.

T: What are the lyrics of the songs?

DHI: The lyrics of Northern Tod talk about occult-esoteric.

T: What bands influence your music?

DHI: The bands that influenced a lot my way of playing have been the Immortal and the Emperor.

T: Why Northern Tod? Do any special meaning?

DHI: Because I love very much cold countries and winter…from the esoteric point of view instead, some Kabalistic texts tell these verses “EVIL COMES FROM THE NORTH…”

T: Your CD "Ruins" demo 2002 is his first work some memory?

DHI: I remember that it was a good period, but then everything came to an end, that CD is now no longer available…

T: Your second CD is "Tribute to Darkness" demo 2003 with four songs, including this tribute to the gods Mayhem? Can you tell us more about it?

DHI: Tribute to Darkness has been an EP designed to give our contribute to the expansion of darkness in Italy, the only piece dedicated to Mayhem  “great band” is Acid Darkness.  For the rest it’s a normal EP.

T: Northern Tod recorded the demo "Lathspell" in 2006, but it remains unreleased.¿Why?

DHI: Unfortunately that CD has never been released because it did not give me any satisfaction, I preferred to leave it unrealized.

T: What bands of the `80 and` 90, the Italian scene remember?

DHI: Well, I remember, which are also my favourite, the greatest Mortuary Drape and the Death SS...REALLY TWO GREAT GROUPS!!  They have created the story here in Italy. 

T: Does your CD. "Revelation" 2008 is it`s third work? Tell us more about this and 4 songs?

DHI: Yes it’s the third work distributed of the band, yes, the CD includes 4 songs, I include almost always few songs in the works I realize, I try to concentrate the discourse in a few minutes, without having in this way the sensation to annoy the listener with too long CD…

T: Does this 2012 have launched a re-release of his CD "Revelation" by the label "Northern Circle".? How have you gone with the distribution and comments?

DHI: Everything has gone well enough, I have taken care personally of the distribution with my NORTHERN CIRCLE, the material until now has received good feedback, this makes me very happy.

T: How are you doing at concerts? How to remember bands that have played?

DHI: We have done only few dates because of personal problems, around 4, but all very good.  No, I don’t remember very much the other bands with which we played, unfortunately I am a bit misanthrope, I tend to play and then go away…

T: Northern Tod is preparing new material? Do any progress?

DHI: Yes, we are realizing new material, a little bit more crude at the level of sound respect to Revelation, I believe that all will be ready for the year 2013.  

T: Draconis Ice, Any final words for the readers of The Legion of Tchort Zine? How readers can get your CD?

DHI: I thank everyone infinitely!!!  A thanks to Zine for the availability, Hail The Legion of  Tchort!!!! To have copies of our CD and info write to the following E-MAIL  erikspecter@libero.it Again many greetings to all of you, and many thanks for the interview!!