jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Halopent (Usa)

Halopent - The Ancient Of Days/In The Darkness Of Chaos

Got this album from my friend Chris today and got really surprised when I heard it! It is really a very unusual metal form in some way!?
Very thrashy and real growling death metal from US with some few elements also from black metal in it! Tracks 1 - 9 is taken from their demo from 2006 and tracks 10 - 16 is new recorded stuff from their 2009 demo "In The Darkness Of Chaos". I must say that I really like this cd a lot, reminds me a bit of early Autopsy, Death and Necrophagia sometimes! Also some tunes sounds little like Marduk, Behemoth. Favorite tracks is to mention some few like "Merciless Execution", "Morbid Feast", "Putrid Remains" and "Infernal Eternity". I must be honest to say that I like their older tracks from 2006 better, but that is up to everyone to decide for themselves?! I really recommend this one a lot!